What Not to Pack for Your Move

What Not to Pack for Your Move

by Melanie Morris, InMove

I probably don’t even need to say it, but if you’re getting ready to move, now’s a great time to purge. And here’s an insider tip: getting rid of that clutter can help your move go faster (and cheaper if you’re hiring movers like us). So do you really want to lug that ten year old treadmill across town? What about that old fridge in your garage? Here’s a list of what not to pack as you begin your moving cleanse:

  • Bigger is not always better: Start with your largest items of furniture first. Will these pieces even fit into your new place? These items are the most difficult to move, so if you’re ready to give something away, we can drop off these pieces at the nearest donation store on the way to your new residence.
  • Hand-me-downs: At one point it seemed like a great idea to take that “free” pressure washer off your neighbor’s hands. Except it makes your garage smell like gasoline and, well, you’ve never actually used it. Garages are the biggest culprit for collecting hand-me-downs, so take time to sort through the stuff you haven’t looked at it years.
  • Seen better days: Cheap furniture that is on its last legs—and anything made of particle board—may not be worth moving, or even survive the trip in one piece. We can detour to the dump if it’s not worth donating.
  • Doesn’t match: If you’re moving from a Craftsman to a contemporary condo, some of your furniture may not match the look and feel of your new place. If you spent a good chunk of change on it, then consigning or selling is probably your best route. Give us a call prior to your move and we can take it to a nearby consignment store for a per-item fee. (Tip: We work with quite a few consigners in the area if you need a recommendation).

And make sure you don’t pack items you need for the first couple of weeks after your move—like kitchen items, food, toiletries, bath towels, baby items—with the rest of your stuff. Separate those into suitcases or clearly marked boxes so they are easily accessible until you’re all settled into your new home.

What do you wish you hadn’t packed in your last move?